"The products are exciting and potentially game changing for the pain community. "

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Lynn Webster, MD


OPIOIDS (to relieve moderate to severe pain)

API001 Oxycodone

API002 Oxycodone/APAP

API003 Oxycodone ER

API004 Hydrocodone/APAP

API005 Hydrocodone /Ibuprofen

API006 Morphine

API007 Oxymorphone

API008 Oxymorphone ER

API009 Hydromorphone  

Our priority is the research and development of products and treatments that will benefit patients and save on the total cost of care around the world.  ACCOY has identified over 100 drugs, with significant unmet medical needs, for develpment that historically have been subject to abuse, misuse, addiction, dependence, tolerance, diversion, underdosing, overdosing, under prescribing, over prescribing, or that failed in clinical trials due to safety concerns.

ACCOY's first products are novel, first-in-class DTx (digital medicine) enabled overdose, misuse, abuse, diversion, and accidental ingestion deterrent opioids with improved drug/safety profiles that address all the prescription opioid epidemic issues of concern to all stakeholders, the CDC, DEA, NIH, the White House, state and local governments, payers, physicians, and patients.

* This is not a complete list of ACCOY's pipeline products.