ACCOY develops novel therapeutics combining NDA-approved drugs or NCEs, a smart dispenser, digital therapeutics and continuous patient support.

ACCOY delivers clinically validated and improved medical outcomes while reducing the total cost of care.

First patent granted. Additional patents pending.

Patent granted.

The ACCOY System™ enables game-changing personalized therapeutics.

The prescription controls the patient-specific app and the call center instructions.

The prefilled dispenser is disposable.

After patient authentication and
potential adverse events screens,
a prescribed dose is dispensed.

The prescriber receives real-time patient data and can take action if needed.

The system collects individual and clinical data to further enhance the drug's safety and efficacy.

A 24/7 call center is available and can reach the prescriber if needed.

No changes to current prescription and delivery practices.

ACCOY pipeline

Each ACCOY drug will be approved via established NDA regulatory pathways. ACCOY’s real-world data collection may be used to extend label claims. Patents and regulatory protection for each ACCOY drug will extend beyond 2040.

ACCOY has identified multiple oral drugs with large patient populations and significant unmet medical needs that can be addressed by the ACCOY System, improving safety, clinical outcomes and saving on the total cost of care.

ACCOY’s current areas of development:

Cardiovascular therapies:
efficacy and prevention of dose-related adverse events.

Pain therapies (opioids):
compliance, abuse, misuse, addiction, tolerance, diversion.

Diarrhea predominant IBS: safety profile requiring PRN administration.

The ACCOY System acts as if the prescriber was evaluating the patient prior to dispensing each dose. These are personalized therapeutics.

Patient and medication management and outcomes are improved.

Pain (opioids)

After patient identification, the App’s OverDoseScreen™ collects pain and constipation data to personalize dispensing while providing direct feedback to the prescriber.


OneClick™ personalized dispensing using FDA-approved digital sensor data to ensure efficacy and to prevent dose-related adverse events.

"The products are exciting and
potentially game changing
for the pain community."
– Lynn Webster, MD

Patent granted.

Patents pending.

Our team

Our advisory board

Ed Valentine, MBA
Founder, Executive Chairman

Werner Cautreels, PhD
Co-Founder, Non-Executive Director

Stephen E. Patton, MS
Vice President, IT & Digital

Jon Congleton

Wael Fayad, MBA
Business development

Chuck Hardwick
Public and government relations

Phillip Miller, PhD
Chair diagnostics clinical advisory board

Michael Smith
IT and digital innovation

Whitney K. Stearns
Finance and accounting

Syneos Health is ACCOY’s regulatory, clinical and commercial partner.

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